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Unformatted text preview: es who desire to participate in family­friendly programs would be considerably different. Lacking specific information about the companies in question it is difficult to give much credence to the vice president’s position. In the second place, the vice president has failed to make a case for the contention that the adoption of family­friendly programs will adversely affect Nadir’s profitability. On the face of it none of the programs mentioned require capital outlay for new equipment or additional office space. Unless the vice president assumes that employees who participate in such programs are less productive than their full­time counterparts it is difficult to comprehend the line of reasoning that leads to this view. Finally, the vice president assumes that “family­friendly” programs will not increase Nadir’s productivity. Lacking evidence to the contrary, there is little motivation to accept this assumption as true. In fact, common sense suggests that part­time workers and job­sharers would be as produc...
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