Since the group who did not protest is far more

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Unformatted text preview: if organizations are allowed to establish their own regulations, the enforcement of regulations will be enhanced and the governmental burden of organizations will be released. View2: however, the lack of authoritative and uniform regulations will ultimately do harm to both organizations and entire society. Evidence: disturb of market order, monopoly, unfair competition. To society: Unqualified products, high prices, environmental pollution, waste of resources Do harm to international trade because the lack of uniform standards and the assurance of credit. A12. “Because technology has increased the speed of communication, people are less able to communicate, except on the most superficial level.” Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading. 1. ˜ ú J · ª V ˜ ú J· ª V ? Ì€ w ª ’ E y n ˜ú J ·ª V ˜ ú J· ª V ? Ì€ w ª ’ E y n n 2. ˜ ú J · ª V ˜ ú J· ª V ? Ì€ w ª ’ E y n n 3. È - = · ª msn2 OICQ ; ƒ Î*- ’ E p 5=...
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