Since the mall has opened a number of local

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Unformatted text preview: þ A·ª * /þ A · ª * 4 Ì €w ª’E 2n a � �� � � � � 7 @ @ S@ @K B E z 3n È < ¶ “ * � � Æ % . ª ’ + R ’+ . 4n � �� � � � � � » . ability attract customer merit alleviate inadequate unfavorable economical conditions hearsay rumour scant anecdotal evidence The financial­planning office at Fern Valley University concludes that it is necessary to initiate a fund­raising campaign among alumni that will enable the university to expand the range of subjects it offers and increase the size of its library facilities. Its argument is based on a five­year decline in enrollments and admission applications together with the claim that students cite poor teaching and inadequate library resources as their chief sources of dissatisfaction with Fern Valley. The conclusion of the financial­planning office is not strongly supported by the reasons given. To begin with, this argument depends on the assumption that providing a greater range of subjects and a larger library will alleviate...
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