Supporters of the idea of digital cash view the move

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Unformatted text preview: our own experience, observations, or reading. “� ¨ < / ¶ª ° Ðv ¯ ªá “S ª ’” / Hv ·ª’” Z A ÿ F Ð Zw·ªð6ȶ ª À 1. 2. 3. Intangible currencies are more convenient than its predecessor. Tangible currencies are safer than its counterparts. It is too extreme to let the electronic system replace the tangible system entirely. We can let they two coexist. Optional words: Thesis sentence: while electronic currencies enjoy their own merits, it still can not replace the entire system of tangible currencies. View1: convenient, efficient and easy to carry are the exclusive advantages of electronic currencies. Evidence: View2:tangible currencies such as coin and paper has its own merits and special functions that could not be replaced by electronic currencies. Evidence: merits: more reliable, more efficient in small sum transaction, more systematically safe; function: collection The prospect of converting the world’s monetary system of metal coins and printed paper into a computerized system of credits and debits is intriguing. Oppo...
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