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Unformatted text preview: deprive people of deep and comprehensive thinking. 3. ˜ a, .V – 9o* *,* * ? tB 6 he invention of j laptops provide the possibility for people to continue their work after they leave the company. even on holiday. b, y • * · ª A demand changes every day. 2 accelerate the job obsolescence y • * · ª suffer more pressure and anxiety. The stated opinion is that recent advancements in business and technology have made overall quality of life better than ever. I disagree somewhat with the speaker’s viewpoint. For although such advancements have improved our lives in many respects, they have also diminished our quality of life in other ways. Clearly, progress in business and technology has produced many benefits. For example, we can research problems and their solutions in minutes on the Internet; productivity is at an all­time high. And we can get more done in less time, leaving more time for hobbies, entertainment or other leisure activities. We can even mix a little work into our leisure time, by taking our laptops and cell phones on vacation. This way, we can stay one step ahead...
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