The authors recommendation is problematic for several

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Unformatted text preview: Speedee is the best choice for today’s business traveler.” ÈL , ¶ ª A qŁ +� á Fkª ’ W ` GK· ª A V ’W Speedee ¨ < ¶ “ * � ÈL Speedee � p Ł + � á Fkª ’ W V 89�’ � � � � � � - Speedee 1. 2. 3. 4. �p Ł +� ¨< ¶“*� +� ����� á Fkª ’ W ƒ Îé- ’ W $ p ?B6 ’W ÿ'B 6 ð 'B6 ` 'B6 ˜q Ł +� ` GK· ª A È L ,: We can image that the main purpose of airline industry to require on-times rates report is to identify and award the best companies, it is easy to suppose that the Speedee Airlines, which can benefit from its report, give unfair and inaccurate date. A travel magazine article claims that Speedee Airlines is the best choice for today’s business traveler. To support this claim, the author points out that Speedee has ranked first in terms of on­time arrival rate since the airline industry began requiring airlines to report their on­time rates. The claim is also based on the assertion that “Speedee new offers more flights to more destination...
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