The authors recommendation is problematic for several

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Unformatted text preview: ther factors other than location that may contribute to the faliure of the Cumquat Cafe should be considered and ruled out. Likewise, there may be some other factors that will explain the success of the success of the RoboWrench plumbing. One year's poor performance is too wake an evidence to conclude that the Cafe has made a mistake to relocate. According to this newspaper article, the Cumquat Cafe made a mistake by relocating one year ago. The author supports this claim by pointing out that Cumquat is doing about the same volume of business as before it moved, while RoboWrench plumbing supply outlet, which took over Cumquat’s old location, is apparently “doing better” because its owners plan to open a new outlet in a nearby city. This argument suffers from several critical flaws. To begin with, the two businesses are too dissimilar for meaningful comparison. Cumquat’s old location may simply have been better suited to hardware, plumbing, and home improvement businesses than to cafes and restaurants. The article’s claim that Cumquat made a mistake in moving fails to take this possibility into account. Secondly, the article’s claim that RoboWrench is “doing better” since it took...
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