The circulation is just one of the indicators of the

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Unformatted text preview: then the argument, the author must provide evidence that demand is sufficient to meet the proposed increase in supply, and that Sacchar has sufficient resources to accommodate the increase. 42. The following appeared in the opinion section of a national newsmagazine. “To reverse the deterioration of the postal service, the government should raise the price of postage stamps. This solution will no doubt prove effective, since the price increase will generate larger revenues and will also reduce the volume of mail, thereby eliminating the strain on the existing system and contributing to improved morale.” Discuss how well reasoned... etc. p è ° ’+ ° ª v¯ * È< S ¶ ª * á % .ª ’+ F H v s·ª * ’+ Z B ÿa " Ð Z l ª· V ð ( È ª¶ V Àv 1R 2 US @ 3 1 2 3 ’+ J BE @ K BE & @ K BE s @K ƒÎ Q - ’ + 7g @ 5 =p “ � `º volume � � � � � volume � p Ł + ¨< ¶“* � �Æ % “ ’ + R fixed salary� � � � � � � � ‘ ’+ The author concludes that a postage­stamp price increase is needed to reduce the...
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