The directors line of reasoning is that quarterly

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Unformatted text preview: e choosing to buy products for their homes instead of clothing. To take advantage of this trend, we should reduce the size of our clothing departments and enlarge our home furnishings and household products departments.” p 8 4·ªA è ° 1 y þ4·ªA ° 10 : ’ 31 � W 3P� Ì €y ª’ W ƒ Î é - ’W I p?B 6 ÿ 'B 6 2 ð ' B6 `' B 6 1. 2. 3. A period of three month is too short to draw a general conclusion of the overall trend. The past three months' trend does not guarantee the same in the future. Whether the reports from the local clothing stores and stores that sell products for the home are reliable or not are still open to doubt, thus making the author's suggestion groundless. ¨ (g ¶ ªV � pè ° ’E á /h ª ’E " ’ 1 2 Based upon sales reports over a three­month period that indicate an increase in profits for stores that sell products for the home and a decrease in profits for clothing stores, the business manager of a department store concludes that consumers are choosing to purchase home furnishings rather than clothing. On the basis of this conclusion, the manager recommends a reduction in the si...
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