The extent to which this will continue to be true

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Unformatted text preview: view of the history reveals substantial evidence that it is the government leader rather than the business leader that can make the pivotal decision when the nation is in crisis. ¤ B • “ * recession � p Ł + � � � � � � � � revive the economy of the whole nation, � p Ł + � � � � � � � positive policy to stimulate the companies and thus the economy of � the whole nation. Roosevelt. Bill Clinton. financial policy View 1: Unlike business leader, government power is likely to subject to many more restraints. Our check-andbalance system, the legislation influence and the voting power are all factors that temper the power of government official to the course of a community or a nation. Moreover, powerful business leaders all too often seem to hold the actual legislative and judicial power by their financial supporting of official activities such as governmental elections. View2: While take more thorough consideration, the government official is likely to have more direct and broad influence on a community and a nation. Evidence: various approach to influence other than financial approach...
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