The main reason why an international effort is

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Unformatted text preview: ir own benefit in the future. Evidence: Most nations in Europe have developed and used automobiles that are highly energy efficient. Japan is a country naturally with nearly no energy resources, so it make great effort to conserve energy for future generations. An famous case is that Japan once brought crude oil from other countries and buried it under the sea . The speaker asserts that an international effort is needed to preserve the world’s energy resources for future generations. While individual nations, like people, are at times willing to make voluntary sacrifices for the benefit of others, my view is that international coordination is nevertheless necessary in light of the strong propensity of nations to act selfishly, and because the problem is international in scope. The main reason why an international effort is necessary is that, left to their own devices, individual nations, like people, will act according to their short­term motives and self­interest. The mere existence of milit...
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