The vice presidents recommendation is unconvincing

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Unformatted text preview: @ K B E � � 1. The bodybuilders may just pretend to be using the state-of-the-art exercise machines while, in fact, their excellent body conditions are due to the use of other types of equipment. And, they just do so for the advertisement purpose. 2. 3. 12 2 32 The circulation is just one of the indicators of the popularity of the magazine. What is more, I can find no direct relationship between the popularity of the magazine and the author's suggestion that we should equip the community with the state-of-the-art excercise machine. The machines for body building will not necessarily have the same effect on fitness. . ’ 1U U gU U 5 =“ ¨ (g ¶ V ª á /h ª ’ E R ’E ˆ z ) · ª body­building ­ = • “ * � � fitness � � � cardiovascular fitness2 : In this argument the author concludes that the new community fitness center should be equipped with the state­of­the­art exercise machines featured in Muscle Monthly magazine. In support of this recommendation two reasons are offered: (1) Muscle Monthly contains pictures of bodybuilders using such machines, and...
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