Therefore drinking saluda water to keep good health

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Unformatted text preview: lanations have been considered and ruled out. recession depression downturn x ¼ M ´ is part of a picture of ... mayor set the stage for Yet another possibility is that Varro enjoyed a period of economic stability and Varro's own administration set the stage for the unemployment and the 3. 4. decline in population . availability emotionally intentionally specific specifically anger angry citizen thereby bypass cast one's vote for sb. eliminate abolish casual emotional appeal 12 2 standard ratio of the closed business to new business in the whole country, E • “ * � � �� ����� � E• eliminate through selection or contest out of date � � � � � � � � E competitive advantages � À 22 ˜ q è° ’ W = ˆ 6· ª A ÈL 9 o* * � * K B E � � � � 5 �� �, @ P � p è° ’ W recession depression downturn 2 The recommendation endorsed in this argument is that residents of San Perdito vote current mayor Montoya out of office, and re­elect former mayor Varro. The reasons cited are that during Montoya’s four years in office t...
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