Therefore those who create popular entertainment

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Unformatted text preview: yþ4 ·ªA � * ? B6 y þ4 ·ª A � � . 8 � ˆ 9o* 80 q Ł + Ì€y ª’ W I ` “ Á¶ ª A ÈL, ¶ 1. 2. qŁ+ Ł `¶“ ` “ ¶Á ª A ÈL, � equate——� � � � � � � ˆ 3. � ��� �� � 9o * *,* *?B 6 S 1. 2. 3. causal oversimplification false analogy It is likely that the smaller private school is incapable of offering more courses, or else its students can have better performance. In this editorial the author recommends that Saluda’s Consolidated High School eliminate half of its 200 courses and focus primarily on basic curriculum in order to improve student performance and save tax revenues. The author’s recommendation is problematic for several reasons. To begin with, the author assumes that the only relevant difference between Consolidated and the private school is the number of courses offered by each. However, other relevant differences between the schools might account for the difference in the proportion of their graduates who go on to college. For example, the private school...
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