This argument suffers from several critical flaws to

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Unformatted text preview: e argument, the author must modify the proposal accordingly and must provide more information about the relationship between employee morale and mail volume. 43. The following appeared in an article in the health section of a newspaper. “There is a common misconception that university hospitals are better than community or private hospitals. This notion is unfounded, however: the university hospitals in our region employ 15 percent fewer doctors, have a 20 percent lower success rate in treating patients, make far less overall profit, and pay their medical staff considerably less than do private hospitals. Furthermore, many doctors at university hospitals typically divide their time among teaching, conducting research, and treating patients. From this it seems clear that the quality of care at university hospitals is lower than that at other kinds of hospitals.” p yþ4 ·ª A ¨ G ´ª F�� ’W 20%: � � &B 6 è y4 ·ª A ° 9 Ì€y ª’ W I *? ’ W Ì €y ª’ W I 2 2 15%¨ G ´ ª A °Ðv ¯ ªA 0v...
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