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Unformatted text preview: n Avia Airlines last year filed a complaint about our baggage-handling procedures. This means that although some 1 percent of our passengers were unhappy with those procedures, the overwhelming majority were quite satisfied with them; thus it would appear that a review of the procedures is not important to our goal of maintaining or increasing the number of Avia’s passengers.” Avia h — G ª ∙A � �� � � Avia � *? B 6 � . � ¨ &B6 pŁ Avia �9 o * ’ W 1%� pŁ ’ W? * 1000 h — G ∙ª 9 F � � � ’ W 1 �� � 2È < ¶ ª A ب * · F k ª’ W á $ ’ 3 1 2 Dµ seriousness trivailize complaint ¤ E• “ * � � qŁ +� � Õ4´ ªV È( g The conclusion in this Avia Airlines memorandum is that a review of the airline’s baggage­handling procedures will not further its goal of maintaining or increasing the number of Avia passengers. The author’s line of reasoning is that the great majority of Avia passengers are happy with baggage handling at the...
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