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Unformatted text preview: tle buses that transport people to the subway stations is below the projected volume. If the transit company expects commuters to ride the shuttle buses to the subway rather than drive there, it must either reduce the shuttle bus fares or increase the price of parking at the subway stations.” ° Ðv¯ ªA *, * * ?B6 0 v. · ª A q Z ƒ Î é -’ W B . p ?B 6 V Ð Zÿ“· ª A ð LÈ ¶ ª A Àv 1. .˜ q s c ° ’ W è o áö ªA È L , ¶ ,È ( , ¶ ª A á Fkª ’W $ ’W È ( , ¶ªA á Fkª ’W X ’ .To begin with, by concluding that the transit company W must either reduce shuttle fares or increase parking fees, the author assumes that these are the only available solutions to the problem of limited shuttle use. . n t :ø ‹ “ · ª V & È (g ¶ ª V á / hª’ E R ’. 2. S ’E 6 =“ .È ( g ¶ ª U 5 = “ / h ª ’ E V á S ’ E :n U 5 =“ a . ’1U inconvenient shuttle routing and/or scheduling adjust adopt mutually exclusive combination The author assumes that red...
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