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Unformatted text preview: re counterproductive. either-or-choice In this memorandum the vice president of Nadir Company recommends against the adoption of “family­friendly” program. The author’s line of reasoning is that family­friendly programs such as part­time work , work­at­home and job­sharing need not be adopted because Nadir’s employees will not widely participate in them. The vice president’s recommendation is unconvincing for several reasons. In the first place, the fact that only a small percentage of Summit Company’s employees participated in these programs when they were offered is scant evidence that Nadir’s employees will do likewise. To warrant this inference the author must assume that Summit is representative of other companies such as Nadir. Unfortunately, the author has failed to provide evidence for this crucial assumption. For example, if Summit is an emerging high­tech company whose employees are young and unmarried whereas Nadir is an established low­tech company whose employees are middle­aged and married we can expect that the percentage of employe...
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