Two reasons are offered in support of this

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Unformatted text preview: significantly during that period. Furthermore, to take advantage of the trend, these stores should begin to replace some of those products intended to attract the younger consumer with products intended to attract the middleaged consumer.” È ˜qè°’ W 10 � �� ÈÑ H ž 4´ ª A È 39� � 2 * ? B6 ° Ðv¯ ª A . 0 v.·ªA 9° W 25� p è o’ * Z * ÿ. 1. 2. 3. 4. The absolute value of consumption should be given by the author. all things are equal Whether the increase of profit gained by attracting more middle-aged consumers will be offset by the reduction of profit because of the loss of young consumers. Sample essay 1: The argument that department retail sales will increase in the next 10 years and thus department stores should begin to replace products to attract middle­aged consumers is not entirely logically convincing, since it omits certain crucial assumptions First of all, the argument ignores the absolute amount of retail expenditure of middle­aged and younger consumers devoted to department store products and services. Although younger consumers spend a smaller percentage of their retail expenditure to departmen...
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