Until these questions are answered the survey results

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Unformatted text preview: it clear that the business volumes of both types of consumers are the same and comparable, that the increase of a certain type of consumers are correlated with the increase of the retail sales, and that the growth rate of the younger consumers are the same as that of the middle­aged consumers. Sample essay 3: Based on an expected increase in the number of middle­aged people during the next decade, the author predicts that retail sales at department stores will increase significantly over the next ten years. To bolster this prediction, the author cites statistics showing that middle­aged people devote a much higher percentage of their retail expenditure to department­store services and products than younger consumers do. Since the number of middle­aged consumers is on the rise and since they spend more than younger people on department­store goods and services, the author further recommends that department stores begin to adjust their inventories to capitalize on this trend. Specifically, it is recommended that departm...
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