View2 peoples attitudes towards life is also affect

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Unformatted text preview: “ � � � charitarian � � � � � � � � ‚ R F • subsidize the school in one public service , E • “ attention to the education in the international scope. nation View1: people’s role as citizens of the world is become more and more important in the modern society. View2: Without the awareness of being citizens of a particular country, people will find no roots to behave on the stage of the world. View3: these two roles, national and international, are not mutually exclusive alternatives. They can be properly combined. With the growth of the global economy and the need for international cooperation, every human being has assumed a role as citizen of the world. Does this mean that our roles as citizens of our respective nations are thereby superseded by our role as world citizens, as the speaker suggests? Not at all. Good citizenship at one level is often compatible with good citizenship at another. In fact, being a good citizen in one social domain can help one be a better citizen in another....
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