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Unformatted text preview: 6 ˜ ó 4 · ª A˜ ó 4 · ª A U N Ì€ yª ’W moreover s 2n pè°’E 3n Ð8=“ *'B 6 ˜ó4· ªA ˜ ó 4·ªA N Ì€ yª ’W s a tug of war p è ° ’ E a political tug of war between those in favor of the new legislation and those against it. large in scale participation participate ensure preservation individual on behalf of n at large p è ° ’ E Experience tells us that individuals tend to act on behalf of their own short-term economic and political interest, not on behalf of the environment or the public at large. complete elimination emission automobile nevertheless n manufacturer manufacture because voluntarily volunteer voluntary volunteer voluntary voluntarily sacrifice accomplish regulatory n enforcement impose necessary standard ensure achieve aside from inherently inherent pandemic } U · ª epidemic } U traverse border environment environmental hazard enemy analysis authority authoritative possess attainment agreed-upon } U · ª 12 The proponents of this assertion may argue that the natural environment ultimately be...
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