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Unformatted text preview: d not transfer investments from Cola Loca to Early Bird Coffee on the basis of this argument. To better evaluate the recommendation, we would need more information about thestudy upon which it relies. We would also need more detailed projections of population trends during the next 20 years. 32. The following appeared in the editorial section of a West Cambria newspaper. “A recent review of the West Cambria volunteer ambulance service revealed a longer average response time to accidents than was reported by a commercial ambulance squad located in East Cambria. In order to provide better patient care for accident victims and to raise revenue for our town by collecting service fees for ambulance use, we should disband our volunteer service and hire a commercial ambulance service.” 2 ‚ E• “ Cambria F� �� + � ï 'B6 pK BE � � � Cambria &B6 à ' B6 ='B6 � � � � y þ4· ªA � � y þ4·ªA � á Fkª ’ W V ’W *?B6 Cambria ¨< ¶ “ * � �� � � � * ?B6 . 9 o .* �� + � R &B6 �� � � � E gratuitous n . 2. È (...
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