We should therefore consider transferring our

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Unformatted text preview: d the ad than not. A much clearer indicator of the ad’s effectiveness would be a comparison of overall sales on days the ad ran with overall sales on otherwise similar days when the ad did not run. In sum, this argument is defective mainly because the poll does not support the conclusion that sales in general will increase when reduced­price products are advertised in the Daily Gazette. To strengthen the argument, the author must, at the very least, provide comparisons of overall sales reports as described above. 13. The following appeared as part of a campaign to sell advertising time on a local radio station to local businesses. “The Cumquat Cafe began advertising on our local radio station this year and was delighted to see its business increase by 10 percent over last year’s totals. Their success shows you how you can use radio advertising to make your business more profitable.” È L <∙ “ * � , ¶ ª A 9 o* á *,* F k ª ’ W ¶ &B6 * Cumquat � �� � � � * ? B 6 0F ��� + � C 1 12 2 32 s <∙“* For example, the Cumquat might have changed owners or chefs; it might have launched a coupon ad campaign in the local print media; or it might have changed or updated the menu. � €¯ O· sL•´ª We must also a...
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