Were the personal failings of these two presidents

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Unformatted text preview: iew2: An appropriate judgment towards a person should be based on thorough analysis covering both his achievements and faults. It is arbitrary to say whether great achievements are more important than faults unless the all-round situation of a certain person is presented. Evidence: Perhaps in some instances the personal failings of great achievers are unimportant relative to the achievements. In many cases, however, the relative significance of personal failings can be very great, depending on two factors: (1) the extent to which the failing is part of the achievement process itself, and (2) the societal impact of the achiever’s failing apart from his or her own success. Personal failings and achievement are often symbiotically related. The former test the would­be achiever’s mettle; they pose challenges—necessary resistance that drives one to achieve despite the shortcoming. Personal failings may also compel one to focus on one’s strengths, thereby spawning achievement. For example, poor academic or job performan...
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