While not every case of unethical leadership is quite

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Unformatted text preview: el, technology—competitive power of products View2: as the development of open market and global economy, education is also required to face international challenge. Although sometimes competition might produce desired results such as efficiency and productivity, I still believe that our national economic success will be better promoted by an educational system that encourages cooperative learning among students, and with students from other countries. being competitive fixes our focus externally, on marking and beating the progress of others with whom we compete. Such external motivation can direct our attention away from creative solutions to our problems, and away from important human values like cooperation and fair play. Indeed, a highly competitive environment can foster cheating and ruthless back­stabbing within an organization, and ill­will and mistrust among nations. In the extreme case, competition between nations becomes war. I don’t think it is a good idea to design an educational system that focuses mainly on competition. For although a little competition might produce desired results, in the long run too much competition will be destruct...
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