Why by maximizing profits businesses bestow a variety

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Unformatted text preview: s possible by working smarter, by setting priorities, and by making suitable career choices. 40. “With the increasing emphasis on a global economy and international cooperation, people need to understand that their role as citizens of the world is more important than their role as citizens of a particular country.” “ ó 4 · ªA ˜ ó4 · ªA — Ì €yª’W I 2 ” 1. è Ö6 · 2. ; ƒ Îé - ’W p?B6 ÿ 'B6 ð 'B 6 ` 3. È ( , ¶ ª A á Fk ª ’W $ ’W n supersede compatible be compatible with... citizenship domain This one person would be acting consistently as a citizen of community, state, nation and world.admittedly conflicting obligation arise dual Admittedly, conflicting/clashing/discordant obligations sometimes arise as a result of our new dual citizenship.obligatory In sum, although our "dual" citizenship may at times lead to conflict, one role need not automatically take precedence over the other. more often than not The relationship between the two roles is, more often than not, a complementary one, and...
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