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Unformatted text preview: tomers. Although global homogeneity in a broader sense may not be as inexorable as the speaker here suggests, I agree that multinational corporations are indeed creating global sameness in consumer preferences. This homogeneity is manifested in two concurrent megatrends: (1) the embracing of American popular culture throughout the world, and (2) a synthesis of cultures, as reflected in consumer preferences. The first trend is toward Americanization of popular culture throughout the world. In food and fashion, once a nations denizens “fall into the Gap” or get a taste of a Coke or Big Mac, their preferences are forever Westernized. The ubiquitous Nike “swoosh,” which nearly every soccer player in the world will soon don, epitomizes this phenomenon. In media, the cultural agendas of giants such as Time­Warner now drive the world’s entertainment preferences. The Rolling Stones and the stars of America’s prime­time television shows are revered among young people worldwide, while Mozart’s music, Shakespeare’s prose, and G...
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