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Unformatted text preview: thoroughly, no one is an island in the world. Evidence: unify citizens from diverse backgrounds, reduced ethnic, religious or political factions and wars. Improve cooperation, mutual altruism and finally harmonious humanity View2: While it is also important for education to teach us diversity in order to improve understanding and respect between nations. Evidence: democratic ideal of tolerance, educating people about diversity might even produce a unifying effect— by promoting understanding and appreciation among people from all backgrounds. This view of education seems to recommend that schools stress the unity of all people instead of their diversity. While I agree that education should include teaching students about characteristics that we all share, doing so need not necessarily entail shifting focus away from our differences. Education can and should include both. On the one hand, we are in the midst of an evolving global community where it is increasingly important for people to recognize our common humanity, as well as specific hopes and goals we al...
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