Being competitive fixes our focus externally on

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Unformatted text preview: ch cases, giving all workers concurrent authority would perpetuate conflict and undermine productivity. In conclusion, although employees should have the freedom to arrange their work areas, this freedom is not absolute. Managers would be well­advised to arbitrate workspace disputes and, if needed, assume authority to make final decisions about workspace design. 75. “There are essentially two forces that motivate people: self-interest and fear.” “ qè ° ’W € 9• ´ª A ÈL,” Self-interest an fear are two important forces that motivate people. But I can not totally agree with the author's assertion that the above-mentioned two forces are the only forces that motivate people. 1. Fear and other survival instinctions can motivate people to do some basic and essential activities such as eating, drinking, living with others, and so on so forth. 2. Self interest is the initiative for people to do some further explortions. That is the motivation for us to study, to hold a certain type of expertise or technology, etc. 3. However, the author ignore the other aspect...
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