Eliminate the total amount of time to complete the

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Unformatted text preview: Yesterday's answers are inadequate for today's problems ­­­­just as the solutions of today will not fill the needs of tomorrow. (Franklin Roosevelt, American president) pŁ + Franklin Roosevelt As President Franklin Roosevelt said, “…” 12 � � � � � � � merely!!�� � � � � � � ´ < long­lasting success � � � consumer-driven industries, 2 22 2 innovative and different products X t Á ¶ ª A it is ridiculous for a abacus manufactory cannot compete with the calculator factory by producing better abaci. X t Á ¶ ª A keep up with the development of the market. 22 x L • ´ ª A financial achievement 2 business principles. 2 a, 2 efficiency, 2 cost x L • ´ ª ˜ ——° ’ W =tÁ ¶ ªA È L , ¶ b, X t Á ¶ ª A reputationX t Á ¶ ª A consumer. ——X t Á ¶ ª A 2 c, $ ’W &B 6 carry some*? B responsibility for the whole community2 Thesis sentence: Whether a conformist can achieve lasting success or "get rich" in business depends primarily on the type of business involved. Ic...
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