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Unformatted text preview: ‘ I B E even though this job ¨ < ¶ “ * � � Æ % “ + � � R � � � +� � can provide her less money than those far from her home. X B • “ * � promotion� � � �� � � � @ K B E � � � � � � � � �� � 7 @ � � � � � View1: Financial gain is an important factor in choosing a career. View2: However, there are more factors play important roles in making job decisions. chance for promotion, .·ª A .·ª A V ·ª V ·ª V = training, work environment, corporate culture and reputation, welfare other than financial form Evidence: Vincent Van Gogh .If he transfer to other career for monetary consideration, there will be no such beautiful scenes as starry night and sunflowers shining forever in our art history. View3: In my opinion, the best career is the combination of special interests and financial benefits. Financial gain is certainly one factor to consider when selecting a career. But many people do not, and should not, focus on this factor as the ma...
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