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Unformatted text preview: hift toward totalitarianism. 9. “Employees should keep their private lives and personal activities as separate as possible from the workplace.” “� *? B6 . 9o * ” 12 2n 3n Personal activities should not be brought to one's workplace since they can reduce one's efficiency. Thinking about one's private life can distract one from his or her work. Talking about private life and doing personal activities can disturb other fellow workers. It is inevitable for a person to think about his or her private life and to do some personal activities at the workplace. But an employee should do his or her best to focus on the work when at workplace. it is true that employees can hardly only work like a machine, that is to say, inevitably, they may carry some personal emotions while working. Sharing the personal interests and activities moderately may help build the positive relationship among colleagues. However, it is not a wise choice to let the employees to bring all their private life and personal activities to the workplace. � � � � � � � � ˜ < a mother worried about her child cannot efficiently focus on her task even if the deadline is coming. a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend during the work time...
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