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Unformatted text preview: d achievement must be weighed on a case­by­case basis. In sum, history informs us that personal failings are often part­and­parcel of great achievements; even where they are not, personal shortcomings of great achievers often make an important societal impact of their own. 12. “Education has become the main provider of individual opportunity in our society. Just as property and money once were the keys to success, education has now become the element that most ensures success in life.” “ 2 ° Ð v ¯ª A 0 v.·ª A Z C ÿ. 1n V ƒÎ é- ’ W p?B6 ÿ'B6 ð 'B6 ` 'B 2n & Ì€ yª ’ W s . 2 ° Ðv¯ ª A pè ° ’ W provider p è ° ’ E On one hand, there is nothing that can be better than education in providing us with all kinds of knowledge and skills for solving different problems in our respective domains. How can we achieve success without those expertise and techniques? Some one may argue that experience and common sense are enough for this kind of concern. However, in my opinion, nothing can really substitute education, while it may be true that the...
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