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Unformatted text preview: onoclasts rise to the top in newer industries and in those where consumer demand is in constant flux. Conformists ultimately prevail, however, in traditional service industries ensconced in systems and regulations. View1: In consumer-driven industries, innovation, product differentiation, and creativity are crucial to lasting success Evidence: retail and media sectors. And in technology, companies that fail to break away from last year's paradigm are soon left behind by the competition. View2: However, in traditional service industries—such as finance, accounting, insurance, legal services, and health care—lasting success and riches come not to nonconformists but rather to those who can deliver services most effectively within the confines of established practices, policies, and regulations. Evidence: CitiBank gain high reputation for its insistence in comprehensively considerate services Whether a conformist can achieve lasting success or “get rich” in business depends primarily on the type of business inv...
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