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Unformatted text preview: February 26 - START FINAL • Kathy Saichuk - student health services - sexuality • Sexually transmitted disease = sexually transmitted infection • Email address for powerpoint: [email protected] • 1 in 4 college students has at least 1 STD before they graduate • HIV - 1 in 300 college students is positive for HIV • Abstinence is the only way you are 100% guaranteed to not get an STD. • Abstinence - no genital contact • 3 categories of STDS: o Viral - cannot be cured o Bacterial - treatable and curable with the exception of cyphillis o Parasitic • Parasitic: o Pubic lice aka crabs - not just sexually transmitted • Bacterial: o Cyphillis - highly transmittable STD • Transmitted by infected bodily fluids that make contact with mucus membranes • If untreated: Pain during urination and ejaculation Discomfort during intercourse Discharge Shanker or cold sore Rash on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the torso (secondary stage) (tertiary stage - blood stream and brain matter) - can cause the brain to turn to mush. Famous people with cyphillis - al capone, adolph hitler, henry VIII, napolean. Paranoia toward the end of their lives. o Gonerrhea aka the clap or the drip • Pain during urination and ejaculation and intercourse and then it passes • Transmitted by infected bodily fluid to a mucus membrane • If a woman is pregnant and positive with gonerrhea she cannot deliver vaginally o Chlamydia • Transmitted by infected bodily fluids and mucus membranes • Most common diagnosed • Easily transmitted • Treated with antibiotic • Pain during urination, ejaculation, intercourse • Most people are asymptomatic • If they do go untreated: o Woman can develop pelvic inflammatory disease: deterioration or infection in ovaries or fallopian tubes so this leads to being unable to conceive o Inflammation of the uterus - historectomy o In males - inflammation of the testicles • Viral o HPV - human papaloma virus • 4 strains of HPV that can cause cervical cancer • Easily transmitted - skin to skin contact! Bodily fluids get on your skin • Issue with vaccine - if we gave a vaccine out that prevented a disease it would cause people to go out and have unprotected sex o Herpes - 1 in 4 americans has genital herpes - skin to skin contact • Simplex 1 - oral cold sores, exposed nerve ends • Simplex 2 - genital sores, exposed nerve ends • These two are interchangeable o Hepatitis - vaccines for A and B. Can cause an achy feeling in the body, jaundice. If goes untreated, it can cause liver cancer and liver failure • A - easily transmitted bodily fluids, effects the liver • B - easily transmitted bodily fluids, effects the liver • C o HIV - no cure, millions of people have died • Over 90% of the children there have lost a parent to HIV • Bodily fluids through an open wound or open sore • Cost of treatment is very very high - drugs $500-$1500/ month • When the T cell count goes down below 100 this is known...
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kinesiologynotes - February 26 - START FINAL • Kathy...

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