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101 Final Review Questions for review: 1. In what ways did the Holocaust represent a deviation from Enlightenment ideals? Are there aspects of the Nazi state and its radical fascist agenda which drew upon Enlightenment thinking and modern ‘Western’ ideas? 2. Discuss the causes, effects and long-term consequences of World War I. 3. Why did the Cold War begin in 1948, when communist revolution occurred in Russia in 1917? Where and how was the Cold War fought? 4. What led to decolonization after World War II? Provide at least one detailed, concrete
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Unformatted text preview: example of an anti-colonial struggle which culminated with independence after 1945. Terms: Be sure to study both midterms, especially the key terms from these tests, and think about comparing and contrasting terms such as ‘Social Darwinism’ with terms from the last 5 weeks such as ‘Anti-Semitism.’ In what ways are these concepts similar, and what is the importance of each in the twentieth century? **All terms from the last 5 weekly review sheets should be reviewed in preparation for the final exam....
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