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JAN. 15 Gene frequencies change over time, main causes mutation, natural selection, gene flow, genetic drift- random flux of gene frequencies. G+E-P = Genotype + Environment=phenotype Reaction norm- range of the phenotypes that can be ascribed to a genotype, depends upon which environment the reaction occurs in, behavior traits have wide reaction norms JAN. 20 Nov. 24 1859 Darwin publishes the Origin of Species Darwin rejected special creation, we are just part of the stream of organic change A. Ideology of 19 th century Christian Europe -Scientist job was to describe what the creator had done -fixed universe, unchangeable Creation occurred 4004BC Species do not change, nature is static does not change B. Lamarck (1744-1829) Synthetic Theory of Evolution Heraclitus said nothing endures but change-flux and change were the fundamental characteristic of nature Lamarck created the term biology First to say humans were descendants of chimps, close but not correct- we share a
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