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Rodion Lerman Psychology 3055H - Portfolio Article 2: Does Repression Exist? Memory, Pathogenic, Un- conscious and Clinical Evidence by Yakov Rofé In our class and in our reading we discussed the authenticity of repressed memories and the existence of repression in general. This article mentioned that most debates about the exist- ence of repression focus on memory. However, the author feels that repression is a multifaceted concept that also includes: pathogenic effects, the unconscious, its role in the development and treatment of neurosis. We recently read about a case of claustrophobia in which a man had an intense fear of confined spaces due to a traumatic experience from his childhood. The experience involved him being locked in a chest by his brothers at the age of four and his subsequent panic and hysterical crying. One wouldn’t argue that such an experience must have been very traumatic, but the case study mentioned that simple recognition of this event and understanding can lead to desensitiza- tion and remission of symptoms. The case study suggested that this memory was repressed by Phillip, but this article and myself included question such an idea. He may have intentionally for-
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portfolio2 - Rodion Lerman Psychology 3055H - Portfolio...

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