eco paper - Rodion Lerman: Effects (A), Risks (B), and...

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Rodion Lerman: Effects (A), Risks (B), and Criticisms (C) of Credit Default Swaps A. Credit Default Swap (CDS) effects are far reaching simply because an original CDS can through as much as 20 trades (Economist). Subsequently, the CDS market is huge – $42.6 trillion huge; this sheer size means that any credit risk failings have the potential to dwarf the sub-prime crisis in comparison and dramatically effect all markets. Andrea Pincus, at partner at Reed Smith LLP, described CDSs as have a “ripple or domino effects.” This compounded with the subprime debacle, unemployment, and energy costs gives the CDS market a chance to have a profound impact on our Macro-economy. Economists have called it the “perfect storm” and some have worried about another Great Depression, but most agree that safeguards are in place to alleviate that risk. Failings in the CDS market lead lenders to become more cautious, potentially leaving mortgage and capital seekers in the dust. Investment is a major component of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and when capital is in short supply, investment suffers. However, when the economy booms, CDS can bring enormous wealth to our economy as the market flourishes. This might explain why the notional value of CDS exploded from virtually nothing a decade ago to $62 trillion at the end of 2007. CDS’s were traded privately and secretly by banks and at first they supported the notion that new, large markets could function with little regulation. Nonetheless, in our current recession, a vast amount of blame has shifted to CDS. Eric Dinallo,
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the insurance superintendent for New York State called them “catastrophic enablers for the dark forces that have swept through financial markets.” (Economist) B. The speculative nature of CDS’s, combined with their heavy volume, secrecy, and lack of
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eco paper - Rodion Lerman: Effects (A), Risks (B), and...

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