Jazz Final Test Review

Jazz Final Test Review - Jazz Final Test Review John...

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Jazz Final Test Review John Zorn—White Saxophonist Naked City and Masada Quartet Learned guitar, piano, and flute as a child Mother was a professor, father was a hairdresser Founded the Theatre of Musical Optics His compositions were “game pieces” and “file card compositions” John Hicks—Black Jazz pianist Studied at Berklee College of Music Member of the Jazz Messengers Founded the Keystone Trio Born in Atlanta Absorbed bebop and church music, and then towards avant-garde Norah Jones Pianist, singer, guitarist Lived with her mom in Grapevine, TX No formal vocal training Went to UNT Participated in the Hank Williams Project Funky Meters Late 60’s to 1977 Founding fathers of funk New Orleans vibe Played for Paul McCartney aboard the Queen Mary Tony Bennett—White Fought in WW2 “Because of You” in 1951 was his first hit Peaks were in the late 1950’s and in 1962 Won 15 Grammy’s Sang under the stage name Joe Bari in the Army band Was demoted from his position after dining with a black friend, as segregation was still rampant Near fatal cocaine overdose in 1979 and had the IRS after him Jean Luc-Ponty White Violinist—bebop style and jazz-rock fusion Played for the orchestra and played jazz at clubs Influenced by Coltrane and Miles Davis “Individual Choice” video, city skylines “Chocolat”—African-inspired music Kenny G—White Soprano Saxophonist Wasn’t until his fourth album (Duotones) in 1986 that he became a success
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Didn’t get into the jazz band at his high school so he played on the golf team Started as a sideman for Barry White Majored in accounting after being rejected as a music major Is in the Guinness book of world records for holding the longest note ever recorded on a saxophone
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Jazz Final Test Review - Jazz Final Test Review John...

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