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Psychological Anthropology Notes - Terrorist Cults Kikuyu o...

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Terrorist Cults Kikuyu o Kenya, Africa; subsahara, Africa; E. Africa o Movement o Origin of term: unsure, but 1 st heard by whites o Bangia: machete Maumau o Movement o No physically defining features between Maumau and non-Maumau Leopard Men o After WWI o 1946: became bold o was not stopped until district officers in E. Nigeria stopped the killings o 1948: movement under control KKK o 1995: 5 million members; Congressmen=political power o Grand Dragon 2 nd degree murder o (1) United Klans of America (UKA) o (2) Knights of the KKK (KKKK) 1950 o (3) Invisible Empire (breakaway group from the KKKK); neo-Nazi Genocide -destruction of one ppl by a more powerful ppl 1944 by Polish lawyer in describing Holocaust a denial of the rights of the existence of an entire human group Charles Manson Cult charismatic attracted women (70% of its members) 1960s change to hippie world; spent lots of time in Height-Ashbury contacts w/ wealth in Calif; ppl in entertainment Manson decided world needed to be changed (violently) Blacks needed to be in power but needed him as a leader b/c they couldn’t lead Therefore, decided to kill some ppl Gary Hinnman; Manson made it look like Blacks did murders Roman Pawlansky and wife Sharon Tate (8 months pregnant)- 5 ppl killed here Manson was unhappy w/ way killings went, so he went along next time He was charged to death but Calif took away death penalty Witchcraft Witchcraft - the belief in a mystical power innate in certain indiv. and exercised by them to harm others. Sorcery - the illegal use of medicines to harm others.
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Magic - the control of supernatural forces by means of compulsive formulas. 2 purposes: o (1) witchcraft is a form of social control (if witch performs deviant behavior, they are run out of society or maybe executed) o (2) conform to norms so not accused of being a witch Kuikuru Amazon Indian group Hunter/gatherer/fisherman Brazil (in forest) Discrovered by Gertrude Dole While Dole was there, lightening struck house (lost1/3 of residence population) therefore blame witchcraft and called on shaman Margaret Murray Far-out scholar Made statement about Wiccans: “Witchcraft knowledge has always been foretelling. We done in deity of established religion, it is called prophecy. However, when done with Pagan god, it is witchcraft.” Catholicism still has exorcisms How to prevent witchcraft from being done on you: o Act friendly, generous, don’t piss ppl off, avoid quarrels, strong support of kinsmen, basically don’t give anyone a reason to do witchcraft on you o Have kids aware of the former o Conform to the norms of the group o **therefore, witchcraft is social control Nuakuysa and Pando are similar in many ways: o Cattle is most important thing o E. Africa o Patrilineal kinship (trace through father side) o Same religious beliefs Nuakuysa Patrilineal, but did not live in patrilineal-related villages; lived in “age villages”
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Psychological Anthropology Notes - Terrorist Cults Kikuyu o...

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