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Marriage & Family Test 2 Notes

Marriage & Family Test 2 Notes - Sanchez Family Husband...

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Sanchez Family Husband: Jesus- has 3 wives Made a living as a Head Buyer of a Restaurant (for 30 years) Short man, with an Indian face, 48 years old His father was an illiterate mule driver Most of his brothers were killed (one in a fight, one in an accident, and one was murdered) When Jesus was 8, his father left the family, and he, his mom, and another brother were forced to become laborers on a hacienda First wife was Lenore, who he had 2 sons with (Manuel and Roberto) and 2 daughters (Consuelo and Marta) 2 nd wife was Elena, who gave him no kids Visited his daughter Marta every day at 7pm to bring Marta food and giver her 10 pesos, and give 1 to each granddaughter Would only give Lupita money for the children they shared, not the daughters that weren’t his own Wives: 1. Lupita (older wife): rarely slept w/ Jesus anymore; wakes up when husband is ready to leave; never undressed when Jesus was home; Only took care of her appearance on the rare times she went out; used to be a kitchen helper and cook at La Gloria restaurant. Was first married to Juan, who was also married with children. 1 sister, Elvira whose son Daniel lives with Lupita 2 Daughters with Jesus: Marielena and Antonia 2 Daughters from previous marriage (Isabel and Elida). Antonia has 2 kids, Carmela and Julio 2. Delila (younger & favorite wife): lived with her for past 2 years; 26 years old. One 2 month old daughter, but lived with her son from her first marriage, her mother, and the 4 children of Jesus’ eldest son (Manuel), whose wife died. Other Children: Consuelo (oldest daughter from Jesus’ first wife) Grandchildren: Clotilde Other People: Avelino: boy Jesus hired as a general helper and errand runner Bertito: woman who took care of Lupita’s children sometimes Random Facts: the family owned a prized pig (Chacha) and 2 watch dogs (Popo and Amapolo) Biggest event of the day was when the water truck arrived. Castro Family Setting: live in Lomas, the wealthiest and most aristocratic neighborhood; family kept 3 servants; owns a piano, gas heater, TV, convertible, and many expensive home furnishings. Husband: David Owns a cement business which is advertised on radio and TV Abusive to both children and wife His father had abandoned his legal wife and 2 daughters to be with David’s mother (he learned infidelity was ok through his father’s behavior) David grew up in the company of prostitutes, criminals, drunkards, and dope addicts
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Had a brother who dies of a marijuana overdose Obvious infidelity, even lets the children see him with other women Leaves for weeks at a time without giving Isabel money Often belittles Isabel in front of their children, causing her children to disrespect her Spent a lot of money on himself: electric razor, dozen suits, shoes, etc.
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Marriage & Family Test 2 Notes - Sanchez Family Husband...

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