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Stiffed Chapter 3 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 3 Questions - Susan Faludi Stiffed Chapter...

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Susan Faludi Stiffed Chapter 3: Girls Have All The Power Questions You should be able to answer the following questions after reading the chapter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. Who were the “Lakewood Spurs”? -the mid 1990s -the Belman Boys and their teenage friends, aka, the Spur Posse -police had shown up to high school and boys were arrested for various sexual crimes -all charges were dropped except for one count 2. Where did they get their name from? -San Antonio Spurs 3. What is so significant of Lakewood, CA? -had been designed to serve the aerospace sons -made so sports were everywhere for the boys -got information from fathers who were coaches -nicknamed Rapewood 4. Who was Billy Sheehan? -unofficial philosopher of the Spurs 5. Was Billy and intelligent person? -Yes he was very intelligent about marketing the group to the media -used it as a brand name 6. Who was Chris Albert? -another member of the Spur Pose pg. 112 -eventually he was shot to death 7. Why did they feel that girls had all the power? -they could decide who they could have sex with -they didn’t want to waste their time romancing but that’s what girls wanted -the girls word has more power than the mans -have power to call cops and they will believe the girl everytime 8. Why is the objectification of women so important to the “Lakewood Spurs”? -it is all about the points you can rack up -had less to do with the act itself then with being, themselves, an act 1
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9. Why is the “bad boy” image so important? -girls like the bad boy image 10. How did the “spurs” score points? Why was scoring points so important?
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