Stiffed Chapter 4 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 4 Questions - Susan Faludis Stiffed Chapter...

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Susan Faludi’s Stiffed Chapter 4: “A Good Dawg Will Always Remain Loyal” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - You should be able to answer all the questions. If not, you are not reading the text close enough ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. Did corporate loyalty yield any dividends? -no the corporations turned their backs -thought employee and employer relationship was built on loyalty -yet they were receiving dishonorable discharges -turned to a society built on individualism 2. Who was “Big Dawg”? What was his real name? -loyal Cleveland Browns fan -leader of the Dawg Pound -John Thompson 3. What was Big Dawg’s relationship with his father like? -did not play any role in his athletic pursuits -father rarely went to a Browns game -diabetic condition forced him to give up the small deli he owned -the more his health deteriorated, the more his youngest son became a target of his wrath and bitterness -went after him the most because he was the youngest -father went after with a knife numerous times -as violence increased his grades in school decreased -he didn’t think once in his life he told him he loved him -later found out that his father had schistophrenia -found refuge in sports and in the stands 4. Why was watching baseball or football at the stands so important to Big Dawg? -it was a goo way to escape all the problems at home
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Stiffed Chapter 4 Questions - Susan Faludis Stiffed Chapter...

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