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Stiffed Chapter 6 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 6 Questions - Stiffed Chapter 6 Questions...

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Stiffed Chapter 6 Questions “Gone to Soldiers Everyone” Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - You should be able to answer the following questions after reading the chapter. If not, you are not reading the text close enough. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. Who was Gordon Dalby? -Reverend Dalby -role model and redeemer for the Glendora men and so many other small promise keeper groups -talked about healing men not chastising them 2. How was Dalby connected to the Promise Keepers? -disowned by the Promise Keepers -had addressed the 1992 Promise Keepers convention -did not like the tone of their speeches, thought of the group as his father— performance oriented approach \ 3. Why leave the Promise Keepers? 4. How was Gordon Dalby different from his father? -he wasn’t the typical good older son -he wanted to leave home -he wasn’t part of the “yes-men” -he told his father no 5. Was Gordon Dalby’s father a G.I. Joe? -he wasn’t necessarily a G.I. Joe -joined the navy during WWII and never left -he was part of the new military, reorganized along corporate management lines -he rose in rank 6. Why did Dalby’s father disown him? -he told his father that he would not under any circumstances serve his country in the Vietnam War 7. How was Michael Bernhardt different from Gordon Dalby? -always wanted to serve -his father wasn’t in the military, because of fever -father taught him different principles 8. What do they have in common? -his father urged him to go to college as well 1
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-school was small importance for them -dropped out of school 9. What are the 5 components that make up the masculine paradigm? i. Common mission ii. Clear frontier with identifiable enemy iii. Shared brotherhood iv. A calling to protect a population of women and children 10. How did ‘permissive parenting” otherwise known as “Momism” lead to radicalism?
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