Stiffed Chapter 7 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 7 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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Stiffed (Susan Faludi) Chapter 7: The Creature In The Mirror ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. Did President Ronald Reagan have a hard time distinguishing reality from movies? -yes he believed films were real to him -passed between real and cinematic dream stories 2. Did Ronald Reagan go to war during WWII? - never left Hollywood during the War years 3. Why do actors tend to portray a persona different from their true self? -make up stories and want to portray them in real life 4. Do actors make up for some of their personal inadequacies in the movies? -yes as in Reagan’s case -making up for his Father -movie was a full blown remake of postwar masculine history 5. Why do we see a resurgence of Vietnam War movies during the 1980s?\ -the POW myth was at its highest during the 1980s 6. Was there a father-son relation in the Rambo trilogy? If so, what were they? -Yes, it was Rambo and the colonel Trautman -the reconstructing of American masculinity after Vietnam was a shadow drama between sons and their fathers 7. Who wrote the book First Blood ? Did the movie match the original novel?\ -David Morrell -He was in shock because it didn’t match the book at all -Teasle was completely overlooked -it was a only a one-sided story 8. Who was David Morrell? Briefly describe his childhood and the relationship with his father? -never knew his father -his 15 year old son died from cancer and that caused him to start writing -mother sent him to a catholic orphanage when he was four -orphanage was a nightmare -mom had married a bartender when she came back for him
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Stiffed Chapter 7 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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