Stiffed Chapter 8 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 8 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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Stiffed (Susan Faludi) Chapter 8: Burning Down The House ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. How was Waco similar with the My Lai Massacre? -killing of innocent women and children -was an attempt at a cover up 2. Who was the real enemy here? -“In this drama, the “jackbooted thugs” of the ATF weren’t just the enemy, they were the necessary enemy.” 3. Who were the Angry White Males? -Those who blamed minorities for taking their jobs (Not sure about this answer, found it in the notes) 4. Who were the Branch Davidians? -Religious group in Waco (specifically Mt Carmel/Bellmead) led by David Koresh 5. What did they stand for? -Worshiped Bible literally -specifically the 7 “symbols” 6. Who was Mike McNulty? Describe his life and the relationship with his wife? Was his wife Julie supportive of Mike’s endeavors? -the originator of the documentary, “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” -He had a good relationship with his wife before he decided to do the film -She did not like what he was doing at all -she didn’t like the subject matter -she didn’t like the people he was dealing with -she wanted him to provide a “whit-picket-fence life” 7. How did McNulty end up from being a person earning a six figure salary, to one who was absolutely broke and in debt?
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Stiffed Chapter 8 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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