Stiffed Chapter 9 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 9 Questions - Stiffed(Susan Faludi Chapter...

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Stiffed (Susan Faludi) Chapter 9: Man In A Can ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. What was Apollo 11? -first mission to the moon 2. Why was Apollo 11 such a landmark? -we beat the Russians in the race to the moon -wedding technology to progress -proving the power of man over machine 3. Who consisted the Apollo 11 crew? -Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins 4. Among the 3, who was first to resign? -Michael Collins 5. Who was first to fall into depression? -Buzz Aldrin 6. How did the astronauts become ornaments? -they were supposed to be test pilots -went from missions in Europe, Japan, and Korea -they were made into national heroes -John Glenn was most ornamental figure of Mercury 7 -cowboys of space -winningness, dominance, and control (even though they had no control of their space ship) -NASA was looking for passengers not pilots 7. Why did Neil Armstrong quit NASA shortly after his return? -he could not handle the interviews -he would turn and run from the microphones, lenses, and sound booms -quit NASA for a job as a space-engineering professor at the University of Cincinnati -he kept vow to not sign autographs or do interviews for years to follow 8. What happened to Michael Collins? -He went briefly to the public-affairs office of the State Department before becoming director of the Smithsonian Institution’s new National Air and Space Museum, as if committing himself to an archive for safekeeping
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9. Who was the inspiration of the cartoon character Buzz Lightyear? -Buzz Aldrin 10. What does “Spam in a can” mean? -derisive term for the Mercury program at Edwards Air Force Base -space ship was extremely crammed -crew had no control over space craft 11. Briefly describe Aldrin’s experience at Planet Hollywood? -he went to Planet Hollywood to promote his book -Aldrin’s publisher failed to deliver the books for him to sign during his visit to the restaurant -he thought there was a conspiracy from making his book a best seller -then his ex-wife entered the restaurant -Don Johnson walked into the restaurant -pulled the “I am Buzz Lightyear” line
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Stiffed Chapter 9 Questions - Stiffed(Susan Faludi Chapter...

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