Stiffed Chapter 10 Questions

Stiffed Chapter 10 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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(Susan Faludi) Chapter 10: Waiting For Wood ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Questions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 1. How is manhood viewed today? -retreating into a longed for boyhood idol 2. Where is the “capital” of the porn industry located? -Van Nuys Blvd 3. What is pornography in terms of society’s taboo? Why are some individuals drawn to the porn industry? -desire is packaged in videocassettes and marketed in malls, where self worth is quantified by exposure -world modeling has become the last-chance opportunity for a generation desperately seeking “immediate placement” -backstage door to the American dream -emergency for reconfiguring American economy -most do it for the money and hopefully it will lead into an acting career 4. Who was Damon Rose? Briefly describe his past? -He had been trying to pursue a career in porn for over two years -didn’t seem like the type because his father was a conservative San Diego orthopedic surgeon -he possessed a sociology degree and an MBA -he had stripped at Chippendales -he also ran a male-exotic dancer business for women -had a modeling assignment for a phone-sex ad 5. Who had greater utility in the porn industry? Men or women? -women -pay gap in women’s favor -they can decide who they want to work with 6. Why do “buffed” guys not “cut-it” in the porn industry? -they’re just fluff -they come apart like a bad suit 7. Was good looks a prerequisite for males during the early days of the porn industry? -yes
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Stiffed Chapter 10 Questions - Stiffed (Susan Faludi)...

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